Behin Moshaveran Atie Saz Modiriat Company, is an organization created by collaboration and co-speculation of a group of experts from both industry and university which in 2004, March, collect their intellectual, scientific and practical investments  in the module of human recourses management (HRM) with the goal of presenting various services and responding the needs of clients. 

The absence of investitive approach to human resources and centralization of organizations merely in the framework of employment–administrative concepts and pushing the human resources management units in to margin in organizational development process and the lack of familiarity with the tools of Industrial and Organizational Psychology in one hand, and the lack of the industry of effective consultation in this module and deep gap between theory and action, and the most important of all, the absence of positive synergy between thinkers, scientists and experts in HRM and Organizational and Industrial Psychology knowledge and of course IT on the other hand, make us have a practical research with some professors, experienced managers and expert consultants in our recipe  with the approach of improvement of the problems made by external and non-native methodologies and models attacking our companies which result in distrusting and being run out from consultant and using from trial and error and intuitive methods between managers, so, finally the results were presented in 2005, August , for more than 160 general directors from significant organizations in the country in the form of a seminar. The results of the seminar and products of the organization for creating tools based on practical ideas in the knowledge of human resource management beside Organizational and Industrial approaches brought good appreciations in most present managers.

The techniques and tools of Behin Moshaveran for accountability to Iranian managers needs and requirements considering all environmental characteristics and limitations including economic, social, cultural and legal effecting on organizations in the country and  ever increasing changes and challenges of that caused Behin Moshaveran, as a strategic partner and attendant, with holding more than 70 intraorganization seminars and 35 projects of establishing comprehensive system for human resources management for our clients, to make a vital step in passing the organizations from employment–administrative paradigm, ruling the atmospheres of companies and corporate, to human resources management, beside them and in practice.

Behin Moshaveran Atie Saz Modiriat Co. which is now a consultative and specialized organization known in the human resource management and Organizational and Industrial Psychology module, in 2010-2011 , with the collaboration of Barid Samaneh Novin company, with an understanding of new needs of business society of country for tools based on information technology (IT) in the zone of HRM and Industrial and Organizational Psychology, designed and produced the first comprehensive HRM software resulting in a system having more extensive capabilities than current software in the country, therefore this can respond to the larger and more varied needs than current employment administrative packages.

Now, in the beginning of the eighth year of the company services, by cooperation of two Human Resource Management and IB in Germany in educational discussions and industrial surveys such as Mercedes Benz, Zeh and Porsche, we have been able to present a new service for gaining experience and organizational patterning to organizational managers.

This rough and difficult way was impossible without the help of experts, critics and cooperates in research and derivation of practical techniques specially scientific and practical compilation of solutions to HRM and Industrial and Organizational Psychology and IT which in some cases resulted in absolute competitional privileges of this company.

              Behin Rohani                                           Isar Khodadadi

         The Chief of board of directors                      General director